WEXPOL – implementation of stands and exhibitions

WEXPOL is a highly valued manufacturer of exhibition stands,which has been operating in the market since 1996. The companywas established on theinitiative of peoplewho have gained experience in the exhibition industry since the 80s.

The current structure of the company is a result of privatization in 1998.

Our extensive and long experience in the exhibition industry and recommendations of our customers, bothExhibitors andOrganizers of Fairs, is our most reliable credentials and a guarantee of high quality of services provided by the company.

Construction and design of stands

We provide comprehensive exhibition stand construction and design services http://wexpol.com.pl/oferta/. Wedesign exhibition standsby preparing the stand construction offers in accordance with individual aesthetic and functional expectations of the ordering parties. Then we provide services in the field ofconstruction of stands and their installation at various types of events and fairsattended by our Customers.

We encourage you to check the details of our offer and contact us by phone or in person